the story behind green lime arts

About Lois
 I never planned on doing photography or working as an artist. The adventure began when I was on retreat at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, Ohio. I had purchased a small camera that had a remarkable macro lens; and as I viewed those first shots, the "liminality" of the subject matter moved me deeply. I wondered what I was being asked to do. Each step along the way has unfolded as an invitation to move forward. Consequently, while cards and prints are still part of my work, other media also have become part of the endeavor.

I have been a teacher most of my life, a pastoral minister for some, and the last academic adventure was in law (I am a retired attorney). My husband and I have two adult sons, one of whom is married and the other is anticipating a wedding. We share our home with a senior dog and a senior cat (all courtesy of the younger son).

Currently, my art, the travels to exhibits, conferences, and shows as well as an adult education class in the Text at my parish fill the hours of my day. I won't say much about cleaning understand.

About The Company.  My original name for my art was "" and many folks will remember the work under that title. As I began to explore other media, the time seemed right for a change. I really enjoy lime green as a color; it inspires me, and it connotes new life and spring while at the same time functioning as a wonderful contrast to deeper shades in its liminality.

The Intention. The intention of the work is to support the care of relationships and one's spiritual practice. I firmly believe that the Sacred is in the Ordinary...another way of expressing the challenge of finding the Holy in all things and circumstances.

Both and green lime arts are registered  as "dbas" of Margaret Lois Jansen, LLC, with the Indiana Secretary of State.

Copyright.  All photographic images, design of the products, and text in the journals and on the cards are protected by copyright.  All rights are reserved.  
Please contact Lois for a license.  

Location Information.

(317) 241-9169 (Indianapolis)
1807 Christopher Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46224