Using your photography,

Lois will create gifts of the heart for your loved ones:

Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, pets, a special bouquet, genealogical memorabilia, a family heirloom, favorite place, prize flower or plant

...the list of possibilities is almost limitless

  • Pendants
  • Glass or Acrylic Ornaments /Sun Catchers
  • Slate Tiles
  • Key Chains or Magnets
  • Tokens

Contact Lois at 1-888-707-6255 to arrange for the sending of your photographs. Photographs will be cropped in a square shape for transfer to the various formats. Photographs should be 300 resolution, at least 1500 megapixels x 1500 megapixels. Clarity of product will depend on clarity of the photograph in the section that will be cropped to a square, so close ups are a better choice. PNG or JPEG or Tiff formats are acceptable.

Aluminum prints are also available in 8x10 or 5x7.

All pricing includes set up; a preview of the image is sent for approval before transfer.

~Choose the format for your Keepsake:

  • ....pendant, 1.1": silver plate pendant with 1" disk with photographic image and silver plate chain; $15
  • ornament or sun catcher, 3.5"; includes a commercial-grade suction cup and a hook (for use as an ornament); $15
  • ....acrylic ornament or sun catcher, 3"; includes a commerical-grade suction cup and a hook (for use as an ornament); $15
  • ....slate, approximately 4"; includes a small acrylic stand and felt bumpers (for laying flat on furniture); $15
  • ....magnets, 2.25" FRP,  or key chains (printed both sides); $5
  • ....Word Token, 1.75" also add a small acrylic stand. $3 without stand or add the stand, $5
  • ....8x10 aluminum prints (size should be minimally 2400 x 3000 megapixels at 300 minimum resolution), $40
  • ....5x7 aluminum prints (size should be minimally 1500x2100 megapixels at 300 minimum resolution), $25

Pendants, ornaments/sun catchers, slate, magnets, keychains, word tokens are packaged for giving.

Ordering and payment arrangements: 1-888-808-6255.


Lois reserves the right to decline working with photographs depicting pornography, hate speech, violence, or those that violate local, State, or Federal Law.