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Scroll down for both mother of pearl and other selections.
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mother of pearl pendants/ear rings

Pendant: $15; Earrings: $15 (18" Sterling Chains are available, $10)
Because "mother of pearl" is a natural element, each piece is unique in shimmer.

MoP: captivated

MoP: emerald

MoP: Western Wall

MoP: Prodigal

MoP: from me to you

MoP: spiritus

MoP: Persia

MoP: purple glimmer

MoP: mardi gras

MoP: silent spiral-BW

MoP: the eternal

MoP: francis

MoP: brother sun

MoP: purple fantasy

MoP: silent spiral-nat

MoP: Dead Sea at Qumran

MoP: heaven & earth

MoP: autumn fantasy

MoP: elijah

MoP: gladiola sunrise

MoP: full moon

MoP: green delight

MoP: before all things

Other Selections

Find one of a kind "clutch" pendants (30" ball chain included); bracelets

clutch: lotus

one of a kind~$10

clutch: agate

one of a kind~$10

clutch: gold leaf

one of a kind~$10

clutch: tiger

one of a kind~$10

clutch: purple bead

one of a kind~$10

copper cuff 

one of a kind~$10

clutch: green spin

one of a kind~$10

crystal bracelet

2 available~$20
swarovski crystals

clutch: green leaf

one of a kind~$10

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