Come, Spirit Prints and Prayers

Come, Spirit Prints and Prayers


Come, Spirit... is a book of prints, photography, design and prayer.

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The prayer focuses first on Creation with images and prayers of water (4 prints/prayers) and earth (4 prints/prayers). Next, the theme is Conversion with a focus on wind (4 prints/prayers) and stone (4 prints/prayers). The last theme is Communion with fire (4 prints/prayers) and wood (4 prints/prayers). The Book is one to use at prayer, take on retreat, and for re-igniting the grace within.

The pdf is set to 8"x10" and is best viewd by setting the view to "fit in window" or "full page." The download link is good for 24 hours after the first download. For issues with the download, contact Lois at 1-888-707-6255.

The download size is 3MB.

Organizations, retreat houses and others that would be interested in printing multiple copies should contact Lois at 1-888-707-6255.

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