My brain and focus have gone all ADD. 

Last night I scrawled out a list of the things I want, and in some cases, need to get done by the end of 2017. Under each item, I even put some subtasks that would lead to the accomplishment of the major item. But, the operative word here is "scrawl."

In a somewhat hopeful attempt, I purchased, downloaded, and partially printed something called "Productive Flourishing." The pages sit in a notebook on my art desk to remind me that this is serious. Better yet, they mock me because the possibility of organization is always somewhat illusive. The founder of the program, Charles Gilkey, even sends out emails to encourage folks like me on using the process. To his credit, they are very focused emails with one topic, one task.

I find Advent a good time to slow down and take stock. What is it that is necessary? What concrete things would I like to see in 2018 (and there are a mad mob of these things)? Despite the rush of consumerism and the push to frantic activity, I just have to slow down and take some time to assess where I am, where am I going, and why. We get one life, only one, and I would like to have spent it positively and hopefully.

I want to work on illustrations for the Gospel of Mark as I prepare for teaching a class on the same at my parish, St. Christopher, Speedway, Indiana, starting in January. I am looking for some new venues for exhibiting...this is always dicey with the booth fees and possible hotel fees and time involved. I want to learn how to do metal stamping. And, maybe, with luck, I'll even get the offices and house cleaned up as I sort through what is no longer necessary and needed. I pray for a more healing 2018 for our country and world, knowing that peace does begin with me, with each one of us as we care for each other and do the work that brings life.