the details in Mark and finding all things new

This evening I finished the Study Notes for the classes on the Gospel of Mark that I will be teaching at St. Christopher this coming (almost here) year. While I've read and worked with this Gospel numerous times over the last thirty some years, there are always small details that suddenly pop off the page that cause me to think and re-think my assumptions about the Text.

I've been asked how I can teach material over and over and watched with curiosity the response of the questioner when I comment that it is always new to me. And, yet, I think, this is true about relationships, jobs, reading material, creative it is that one can engage and see fresh someone or some thing. I think it is grace in the way Anne Lamont understands the mystery of it: I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. 

The new year begins in a few days. New...and yet it will be the familiar in a first-time context. Even as the "big picture" gives a horizon against which to gain a perspective, the daily details offer insight and invitation. I hope to see them new.

My challenge to myself is to create some ink drawings to interpret some of the pericopes in whether that really occurs or whether I'm comfortable sharing them ~ that may be another question!