invitations to the magis


In the image above, the original passage from Micah was written during a time of stress and questioning. I think it still holds true. The enormity of the world's grief is overpowering...and realizing that we do not hear of the many, many sorrows experienced by so many it can overload the spritual, mental, emotional, and physical circuits within us. Yet, we have that which is before us and calls us to what is often called the "magis" ~ the more, the greater call. I think of those Army Veterans who traveled to Puerto Rico and are reaching villages and groups of people for whom little or nothing has been done (, and I find the magis. I think of the outreach of someone I know in a school in Indianapolis with many Muslim children who comforts them in their expressed fear and find the magis. I think of that art teacher I read about this morning in the Indianapolis Star who is a DACA and comforts the students who are terrified she will be taken and find the magis.

The question before me, almost without saying, is whether I have the awareness to pick up on when I am also called for more. I think the invitation to the magis is given in the gifts that God has blessed each of us with (and if you are not a believer, then simply substitute, "the Universe"). A project I hope will come to fruition: Along with the O Antiphons, I want to render in pen, charcoal, water color, and art pen, images of the "madonnas" of refugee women and their children. Perhaps the offering of them will provide some funds for support of groups that work directly with these women in the most dire of circumstances.

Margaret Lois JansenComment