Fiona, Habakkuk, and Hope

The Cincinnati Zoo has featured the adventures of Fiona, a little (well, little compared to the adults) hippo born pre-maturely. The Zoo staff fed her, played with her, taught her how to do the things that hippos do...and the Zoo recorded it all. 

I have followed the journey on Facebook as the videos have been posted, and it has been quite a journey, one which no one was sure would have a happy ending at the start of it. Her introduction to her mother, Bibi, and her father, Henry, were particularly "hold one's breath." While the two adult hippos may not recognize Fiona as their offspring, they have accepted her.

Her frolicking in the water and her willingness to come close to the glass engage the viewers and the gasps are audible on the videos. 

I write this because those videos have offered me a respite from the unrelenting news cycle. One commentator mentioned that the news channel could not keep up with everything in the limited time for broadcast. And, contrary to the Fiona story, the daily news has been pretty grim with the violent weather, the after effects, the shooting in Las Vegas, the constant turmoil over healthcare and taxation, and name calling, and....and...and.

I'm also teaching a class in the Minor Prophets right now and the reading from Habakkuk, like the videos of Fiona, sooth my spirit and calm the turmoil ~ not because they have answers but because they speak to something deeper, some deeper trust in Goodness, some Hope beyond the daily grind of horror more ghastly than any Halloween movie. So, go enjoy the Cincinnati Zoo's will smile and, better yet, breathe!