"mother amazon" and "father google"

"Mother Amazon" is the name that I've given to that giant that provides opportunity for any and every need one might have...including "free shipping." Amazon does not have dibs on everything. While I have toyed with the idea of moving selections of my art to the special section that Amazon has for original hand-craft, when it comes to collecting the info to meet the requirements, something within shuts down. I would love the exposure and the possibility of sales. But while sales are important for a viable business, they are not the last word. There are other questions as to whether I am in tune with the Divine Desire for me. At this point, it just does not connect right with my inner spirit. It might someday, but not yet. It is a matter of discernment and the move within is simply not there.

On the other hand, Mother Amazon does enable me to find what I need for different projects. I needed to buy diamond cut drills for my next project...and there they were along with information on their use and the other items that would be helpful to use them correctly. Had I walked into a Lowe's or Menards, I might have found the drills (with some help), but whether I would have learned about the other necessary info is a question. So, in its proper place...Mother Amazon.

And then, there is "Father Google" providing information and direction on how to proceed. Hence, the directions, the videos are helpful in learning.

All of it is a matter of using rightly what is available...and it is so easy to get sucked into hours of search and fascination and the planting of "want." Yes, hours....

Margaret Lois JansenComment