new adventures

I have really enjoyed starting metal stamping. The process allows me to approach each piece in a new frame of mind so that every piece is unique and not repeated. As folks in one Facebook page I am connected to says, "Welcome to the addiction." My credit card agrees. This is going to require more self-discipline than I had anticipated. A highlight this week was the discovery of some gold-toned bars  (pewter alloy) that are as soft as butter to stamp. After my two pound hammer (it's a beauty) came in this week, I pulled out one of the bars not realizing it was a pewter alloy with gold tone. I had thought it was a much stronger metal and would require the full weight of the two-pounder (I am going to have to give it a name, really). "Smash" would be an appropriate word. On the next try, the word "trust" was most appropriate!

I think what I enjoy is that this is not production work (although there is a time and place for that and when I have a fund-raising order or I am getting ready for a's all production). The metal in front of me and I have a small dialogue as I look over my stamps. Sometimes I sketch it out while in others I let my hands choose in concert with the metal itself. I'll be merging some of the previous work I do on the other items (mother of pearl, glass, slate and so forth) and metal stamping of phrases on some aluminum cuffs. It's always an adventure and when these ideas dance in my head at night...well, then I dream.

piece 5