I am just back from the NSRA Street Rod gathering in Louisville, Kentucky. One of the memories I am bringing with me is a conversation I had with a woman whom I saw almost speeding down the aisle on one of the many scooters folks of all sizes and ages rent to get around. On her hat with blue spangles was the word "Love." On the front of her scooter she had posted a sign that said, "Whatever." 

I got her to stop by asking, "Whatever?" Because her response was almost listless and monotone, I think it is safe to think that she was having a hard day: "Yeah, whatever." I mentioned that her hat said, "Love" then commented that the two really did go together. That picqued her interest.

Yes, Love...Love doesn't demand criteria to be giving itself; it just gives. Friendship, appreciation, honor ~ all those things have certain markers that need to be fulfilled before they are given. But, the point of Love is that it is given and flows freely. She paused after I gave my little "ferverino." She went immediately to Scripture and Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 13. And, as she did, her spirits seemed to be lifting. That makes for a good day and her smile was a gift back to me. She stopped by on the last day, still on the scooter, but without "Whatever."