...the Act of Hope

The Associate Pastor of my Parish, St. Christopher Community in Speedway, Indiana, offered a reflection the other day at a morning Mass...he was exploring the virture of hope as something needed in this world. With the current news and the divisions and sufferings that the media presents to us daily, the sense of hope is, I think, vital for keeping one's eyes on the larger picture or one's spirit open to Spirit. As Fr. Matt continued, he said, "Prayer is the Act of Hope." 

I noted that he did not say "an act" but "The Act."

When I think about prayer, I think about communion with the Divine, coming into awareness of the Presence that is always there, always within me seeking to radiate out beyond me. It is an expression of trust that there is something more. It is not passive but engagement...."The Act of Hope" that Something, Someone holds us and invites us to relationship and communion, even though the immediate and tangible evidence eludes us.

It is a commonplace saying that what prayer changes is the one who prays. The one who prays enters into hope, becomes more open to the reality at hand, so that there is space for compassion for the self and the other and room for the Divine.