"What do you do?"

This was the question the young man in my exhibit booth in Grand Rapids asked me. He had purchased a slate tile (before all things), and we had begun an interesting discussion about his hopes and dreams and intentions with his life. Before I could even think of an answer, these words popped out of my mouth, "I learn new things." We both laughed and he asked me to explain.

On my mind were the polymer clays that were sitting in my work room at home...rectangles with gorgeous colors and cubes of metallic clays and the little oven I had not yet turned on. I was also looking forward to the two books that I had purchased from "Mother Amazon" so that I could learn what this business with clay was all about. Then there was the torch and the enamel powders that were waiting their turn.

I'm getting ready for a series of conferences and exhibits in June...making around 500 notecards that I hope will last through the remainder of the year, creating around 30 metal stamped pieces, finishing up some mother of pearl sets and slate tiles, and ordering some other items. But the clays are sitting there tantalizing me, beckoning me forward on a new adventure. However, since I have not been given the 36 hour days I had asked for (24 to create and 12 for other business), they have to wait while I create new things in my mind's eye.

There is only gratitude for this nagging thing that catches my interest and keeps me engaged in an ever unfolding story. Therese of Lisieux promised that in heaven she would continue to aid those on earth...I hope that I get to keep learning and offering encouragement to those whose inner psyche keeps them moving onto "new things" and new adventures.

before all things slate tile

before all things slate tile